Waxing vs.Sugaring

Waxing vs. Sugaring


We are die hard waxing fans – Berodin wax to be more specific. Despite our love for wax, we have many clients who ask us about sugaring. Sugaring, a paste of sugar, water and lemon juice, is a hair removal method that has been around for hundreds of years and has recently come back into trend. To be clear, we are not haters! Every professional can choose the service that works best for them and their clients. But we are here to debunk some myths /claims being made about the merit of sugaring vs. waxing.




1. Sugaring is 100% natural, biodegradable and water soluble while wax contains dyes, resins and preservatives that are not Earth/skin friendly

TRUTH: Wax contains organic tree spa, bees wax, food grade colouring to name a few. Always read ingredients and confirm this for yourself, different brands contain different ingredients.


2. Sugaring is applied at body temperature and will not burn the skin, while wax is heated to high temperatures and can burn the skin.

TRUTH: Not all waxes are heated at high temperatures, especially Berodin wax. But even so, technique is the key here. Always test your wax before application.  


3. Sugaring does not adhere to live skin cell while waxing does.

TRUTH: Wax is used with a barrier applied on the skin, we use Jasmine Oil with Berodin Wax but different waxes have different protocols. With the use of a barrier, the skin is protected from lifting and irritation. Even so, some waxes (hard wax) don’t stick to the skin and are more suitable for sensitive areas.  


4. Sugaring doesn’t cause irritation, hair removed in the direction of growth while waxing causes hair breakage when removed in opposite growth direction

TRUTH: Breakage during hair removal is due to improper technique on behalf of the technician and not the wax itself. Need proof, flip over the strip and check for the bulb and shaft of hairs.


5. Less likely to get ingrown hairs with sugaring while wax causes more ingrown hairs.

TRUTH: Post waxing home care exfoliation is key to ensuring clients don’t get ingrown hairs.


6. Sugaring lasts longer and leads to permanency while wax causes faster re-growth and follicle distortion.

TRUTH: Hormones or heredity are the only things that can affect hair growth. Waxing doesn’t cause hair to re-grow faster.


7. After sugaring the skin feels smooth and comfortable while waxing causes skin to feel irritable and uncomfortable.

TRUTH: Proper waxing technique reduces skin irritability. Both sugaring and waxing remove hair from the follicle and are uncomfortable services, but trained and skilled technicians can ensure a more efficient, speedy and comfortable service.



What does it all mean?


There are always claims thrown about by industry representatives that are trying to push their products. Use your judgement, common sense and some thorough research to decide what works best for you. If you have questions along the way let us know and we will try our best to help.



  • Posted by Tania on

    Excellent post! I always tell my clients that it’s just a different product and different technique. Another myth I find, is that people always think that sugar seeps into the pores to pull the hair out ( which is of course not true, otherwise all my wrinkle creams would seep I to my pores and I would be wrinkle free) Thanks for posting!

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