Global Firming Concept


Before we can talk about a Global Firming Concept, let's review some information about cellulite! Cellulite is a condition that presents as the "orange-peel effect" or "cottage cheese effect". Simply put the: dimpled, lumpy look of the skin. It does not discriminate and targets between 80-90 percent of women, regardless of age or race. Unfortunately for us women, we are more prone to cellulite than our male counterparts.


Blame it on the adipocytes! These fat cells, located under the skin, stock up amounts of fatty acids (lipids) and water as available energy for the human body. Larger than a traditional human cell, an adipocyte is able to increase 50 times its size. When the adipocytes can’t grow any more, it develops a new storage cell called the PRE-ADIPOCYTE. This allows it to stock up even more fatty acids in the adipose tissue. This causes a change of the cell surface aspect of the skin: the « orange peel » aspect.


There are 3 main kinds of cellulite :

  • The fatty cellulite: due to a lack of physical activity combined to with an unhealthy diet. This kind of cellulite is flabby when you touch but painless when pinching. Located on the hips and bottom.
  • The fibrous cellulite: related to the development of reticulis fibers, it remains extremely sensitive and very hard. This kind of cellulite is the most difficult to remove. It is located on the thighs and can develop a purplish-blue aspect.
  • The aqueous cellulite: due to water retention in the tissues, it is mainly located on the thighs, calves and ankles and is related to heavy legs sensation.


What does the new Bernard Cassière’s concept provide :

  • 1- Quality and efficiency: all products were tested regarding tolerance, safety and efficiency
  • 2- Galenic: new products must have a light and non-sticky texture, allowing a total and fast penetration.
  • 3- The advice: based on a strong industry network and new massage protocols, the brand provides the best advice and support.
  • 4- Ease and pleasure to use: BC offers new products in easy-to-use and hygienic packaging.



Bernard Cassiere's answer to cellulite encompasses a multi-point approach.


  • Limit the fat accumulation slowing down lipogenesis, to improve the skin aspect
  • Favor lipogenesis and reduce the adipocyte size
  • Improve the cell metabolism on targeted zones   


Massage the skin to improve the cell metabolism


Favor fat and toxins elimination by increasing the micro-circulation, thus improving the draining effect for a more beautiful and comfortable skin


The new BC Global Firming Concept contains Jamaica Pepper and the new anti « junk-food » slimming complex (Alpine flower, ginger and caffeine). 

Slimming complex

Ginger extract

Caffeine extract

Alpine flower extract

•       Reducing lipid storage

•       Anti-inflammatory

•       Detoxifying

•       Activating of lipolysis

Jamaican hot pepper

•       Stimulating

•       Tonifying


The Products


This booster serum is designed to target areas like the stomach, waist, bottom, hips, knees, or even the arms. Enriched with extracts of Ginger, Alpine flower and Caffeine, it helps to effectively fight the unsightly orange peel appearance on localized areas, and generally improve the aspect of the skin. Extracts of Jamaican pepper and the "anti-junk food" vegetal complex in the serum boosts the effectiveness of the products, creating a stronger action! Morning and evening, apply 3-4 sprays on each area to be treated and massage in with light strokes. Then apply the Bernard Cassière Ideal silhouette [Targeted action] gel for an intensive action!





Ideal Silhouette Gel 

THE ultimate slimming solution: a concentrated gel with slimming ingredients to provide a targeted and complete answer! Enriched with Jamaican pepper and an "anti-junk food" vegetal complex (Ginger, Alpine flower and Caffeine) this gel helps to optimize the reshaping and contouring of the silhouette. Through the action of a lipopeptide it also creates a smoother, softer and more toned skin. Apply morning and evening, with upward-circular movements focusing on the concerned areas (stomach, waist, bottom, hips, knees, arms...). For an intensive action, use together with the Bernard Cassière Targeted zones body super-serum!


Ideal Silhouette Night Gel 

Help your body fight unwanted ‘curves’ while you sleep! This contouring gel is formulated to work more efficiently at night in line with the chronobiologic rhythms of the body. While you sleep, your body is busy regenerating and healing itself by:

Regenerating collage

- Increasing metabolic rate

- Increasing cell reproduction

- Increasing melatonin

- Lowering body temperature

- Regulating breathing and heart rate

- Decreasing the levels of cortisol (stress hormone)

- Decreasing blood pressure

- Decreasing protein breakdown

- Relaxing muscles

To top it all off, hydrolipidic defense barrier becomes more permeable at night which provides opportunity for actives to penetrate even deeper.

Formulated based on Jamaican pepper and an "anti-junk food" vegetal complex (Ginger extracts, Alpine flower and Caffeine), this night care targets the appearance of fatty deposits while you are sleeping… In the morning your skin feels smoother and softer with the added nourishing benefits of shea butter* in the formula. In addition to the "day" gel, massage in upward-circular movements at night on the concerned areas (stomach, waist, bottom, hips, knees, arms...). For an intensive action, use together with the Targeted zones body super-serum.

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